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About Us

D.L.K. Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1957 as a company rooted in its commitment to the Whitewater campus and greater community. The company was the dream of a UWW graduate and was created before entrepreneurship became a cornerstone of UW-Whitewater. The organization would later go on to support the development of UW-Whitewater's entrepreneurship and business programs alike.

That UW-Whitewater graduate, David L. Kachel, built this company and its 56-year legacy on a commitment to provide the greatest service possible for students at the most affordable prices to guarantee that education would not be sacrificed to the cost of housing. DLK Enterprises, Inc. and the Kachel Family have provided support for numerous UW-Whitewater and City of Whitewater initiatives and remain committed to the continued sustainability and expansion of the Whitewater economy and community. DLK Enterprises, Inc. strives to make Whitewater a city for students to enjoy and consider "home".

D.L.K. Enterprises distinguishes itself by offering a level of service unparalleled in the rental community. Because we are a local company with staff who also live in and enjoy Whitewater, your phone call will never be directed to a location outside Whitewater and you can rest assured that you, as a student or parent, will receive the prompt and dedicated attention you deserve as tenants. Our full-time, licensed maintenance staff in all areas is dedicated to the upkeep of student housing. By maintaining staff in all maintenance areas, waiting days and weeks for maintenance is never an issue for our tenants. Our office is staffed by not only a committed group of hardworking employees (and UW-Whitewater alumni), but also provides employment to current UW-Whitewater students whose own campus and classroom experiences help D.L.K. Enterprises to make sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

In addition to our dedication to our tenants as business owners, we continue to support tenant educational needs through our David L. Kachel Memorial Scholarship and Tenant of the Month programs. Our tenants are able to live comfortably knowing that it is every intention of our company to continue to provide support for the great students and programs at UW-Whitewater.

Whether you are new to the Whitewater community or have lived here for years, DLK Enterprises assures you that your perfect home is just waiting to be found (and our showing and leasing agents probably know just where it is). Our family-owned, Whitewater business provides a genuine care for the wellbeing of UW-Whitewater students and strives to provide the smoothest transition into off-campus housing.

We look forward to serving you and can assure you that our commitment to UW-Whitewater and the Whitewater community will continue. We are grateful to each tenant we have served in our 56 years of business and to each we will serve in the coming years.