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Parking FAQ

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Tenants who pay using our electronic system or send a payment by mail for parking are still required to place a parking permit on the registered vehicle. Permits can be retrieved each semester from the DLK Office at 144 N. Tratt Street. Tenants will need photo identification for permit pick-up. Permits must be placed on the front windshield of the vehicle on the passenger side. DLK is not responsible for lost or stolen permits or permits not retrieved from the office.

If you need to park in a lot but do not have a permanent semester permit, you will need to obtain a temporary permit. These permits are $5/overnight or $10/week. Both of these permits are available at our office. One-week permits are additionally available at the BP convenience store at 1138 W. Main St. in Whitewater. Read ALL below information before purchasing and using a temporary permit.

During the summer (5/12/2023-8/2/2023), temporary parking permits are valid in ALL DLK parking lots. Remember to observe all state and local laws in the parking lots, such as disabled parking and fire lane restrictions.

During the academic year (8/3/2023-5/12/2024), temporary parking permits are valid only in specific locations. They are as follows:

  • University Inn - 309, 319, 329, 347, 355, 365 N. Tratt Street (Located along Harmony Lane and at the rear of 355 N. Tratt Street)
  • Remember NOT to park behind 127 S. Harmony Lane
  • Cambridge Apartments - 375 N. Harmony Lane (Located at the rear of the building)
  • You may ONLY park in other DLK Locations during the academic year with express, written permission of the DLK Office Staff. Your parking permit MUST be signed with the additional location.

No, your parking permit is valid ONLY in the lot for which it is issued. Permits are coded for the lot for which they are valid. If you have ANY questions about which specific lot your permits applies to, please ask the office staff for assistance with a map of the location. Parking in any other location may result in ticketing and towing.

Any vehicle parked in ANY DLK lot without a validly-issued and properly-adhered permit may be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense.

You should consult your lease for this information. Parking permits are included with rent in some locations while others do require an additional $100.00 fee. Where parking is included, residents are STILL REQUIRED to retrieve and properly adhere a parking permit to the vehicle EACH SEMESTER.

In both cases, residents will only be allowed ONE permit per person. Please note in some locations parking is limited and sold first-come, first-serve. When the parking lot has sold out or filled, residents will utilize our overflow lot for that location. Please contact our office for more information.

Please note if parking is included OR paid, rent must be paid in FULL before you are able to retrieve a permit or have one reserved for you.