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About Whitewater

Here in Whitewater, you will find many opportunities to connect with others, both in and out of your home with us. You will find many different churches in the community for your faith background, many of which provide programs to connect with others if you are new to the community.

Our Parks and Recreation Department provides a wonderful Seniors in the Park program where you will find a variety of different opportunities, from workout classes and tutoring to lecture series from local professors and travel opportunities. The program is based in Starin Park, conveniently located in central Whitewater, which also provides picnic areas, a playground, athletic facilities, connection to local trails, and a great deal of green space. In addition, there are many other parks, trails, and recreation areas in and near Whitewater, including Whitewater Lake, which is especially enjoyable during the summer. There, you will find swimming areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, fishing & boating, and even areas for your pet to enjoy the water.

You can find workout and swimming facilities at the Whitewater Aquatic Center, where you will find modern amenities at affordable prices. These facilities provide convenient hours and a great place to connect with others. A senior membership is discounted and can be a great way to remain active in retirement.

Whitewater is home to many incredible restaurants with great dining experiences. These restaurants provide a variety of foods and you will be sure to find food you enjoy no matter where you go. From our wonderful local taco spot to farm-to-table downtown dining, you can’t go wrong.

Located near pharmacies, shopping areas, the local coffee shop, and other local businesses, you won’t be far from anything you may need. Taxi service is provided by the City of Whitewater at a discounted rate for seniors, including accessible vehicles.

At UW-Whitewater, you can enjoy a variety of activities. These include performances by our local students as well as traveling groups at the Young Auditorium. Our UW-Whitewater Warhawks provide excellent athletic events and enjoyable activities for an afternoon or evening with your family. Book readings, community lectures, and guest speakers are a great way to continue learning and experience all UW-Whitewater has to offer. Some summers, UW-Whitewater even offers a Grandchildren’s University with fun courses for you to enjoy with your grandkids.

Our local Irvin L. Young Memorial Library offers not only book materials but a variety of technology and local events to enjoy. Free to join, you can enjoy the library nearly every day and bring most of it home with you. The library is centrally located, easily accessed, and home to many community events.

Each year, we host the Whitewater City Market. This market provides an opportunity for small local vendors to sell produce, crafts, and other goods to our community (sometimes even beer). During the warmer months, you can catch this event outdoors Tuesday evening at the Historic Train Depot across from Whitewater City Hall. When it’s cooler, catch it Saturday mornings at the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library.

Our Downtown Whitewater organization hosts many events each year, including our holiday parade and 4th of July festival (a local favorite). You won’t want to miss the music, carnival, incredible food, fireworks, and parade every July along with all the other Downtown Whitewater events.

Be sure to stay on top of all our local businesses are doing through our Whitewater Chamber of Commerce. Our businesses are always active and you can find wonderful opportunities for you and your family throughout the community.

We can’t wait to see you here!

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